Why do smart, talented women need to choose between a career which ignites them and a personal life that enriches them?

Finally, it is possible to escape from a life of compromise and conflict. No more heart-wrenching, guilt-ridden decisions balancing the see-saw of work and family responsibilities. No longer do you need to live with the stress of imminent failure because you just can’t keep all the balls in the air. This book shows you the power of integrating your life rather than attempting to balance it.

It’s My Time lays out a powerful system for creating and living the life you desire, the one you were designed to live - a rich, loving personal life, a dynamic, rewarding career, and the time to enjoy it all.


  • Break out of the Wonder Woman Wormhole of unending priorities, responsibilities, time constraints, stress, missed expectations and failed relationships.
  • Exercise your superpowers with confidence.
  • Take control of your time.
  • Be more productive, less stressed, able to spend time on yourself.
  • Enjoy your significant relationships.
  • Be the wife, mother, daughter, and professional you want to be by integrating them into the life you long to live.


Live uncompromised. Take charge of your career and cultivate a rich home life.

  • Take control, design your life and integrate your work in it.
  • Satisfy the demands of work and family without compromising your principles.
  • Be more successful by doing less, better.
  • Lead 9-5 in a 24/7 world.
  • Conquer schedule schizophrenia.
  • Take more time off and more time ON with the ones you love.
  • Find strength and respect in ‘No’.
  • Transform ‘have-tos’ into ‘want-tos’.
  • Embrace setbacks with an opportunity mindset.
  • Minimize conflict by creating more win-win opportunities.
  • Embrace all the roles you play to fully be the person you were designed to be.


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“A blunt reality check for all the Wonder Women out there. Now that the meaning of BALANCE and INTEGRATION are out, you're all good. Reading It's My Time makes it worth your TIME. You are a lifesaver, Karen!”

—Berns David Lucanas
Authors of Time Is Up!

“When Karen Pierce talks about ‘Non-Negotiables’—what you truly value in life that you refuse to compromise on—I break out into a smile. Karen’s book reminds us that we need to be connected to our highest values to achieve balance and success. A superb read!”

—Nikki Arnold

“You'll love this book. It was written with you in mind—a woman who is doing it all wondering when it will be her time. Karen shares her life stories with practical strategies, and her engaging writing style inspires and convinces you that is it indeed your time!”

—Gillian Stevens
Authors of Explore, Transform, Flourish

“From its powerful title to its compelling content, this book is for women seeking to overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives, yet still bent on not just surviving but thriving. This book is top-notch!”

—Jessica Gill
Author of Damsel In Excess